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West Linn High

Student Email is available for all students at West Linn High School. To access your own personal email account, please do the following:
 • If you are at school, your desktop has an icon that says Student Email, just click on that and login.
 • If you are not at school and want to check your email, then open up Internet Explorer
   or any web browser that you have. In the browsers address line, type in:
   (notice that there is no www. in front of wlhs, this is very important.  Otherwise, you will just go to the homepage of the West Linn High School web page.)
 • A connect box comes up and asks you your USERNAME and PASSWORD.
   These are the same Username and Password that you use to log into our school network.
   Do not check the box that says remember my password, you don't want to store that on the
   computers here at school, you could check that box yes at home where you are the only     one who would use that computer.
 • You are now into your email account.
 To send an email, click the white memo pad on the left hand side of the screen. You will then type in the entire email address to which you want to send an email to.
 (Most student and teacher login names take 7 letters of their last name and their first initial. Some names like Smith, you will have to ask your friend their login ID).
For example:
Someone outside of school would be:
Your friend/student here at school would be:
A teacher here at school would be:
The address book has not been prefilled yet, but you can enter and save your own contacts in there.
You can send yourself attachments (like your PowerPoint or Word files) from home to school and from school to home.  The attachment feature does not work using the Internet Explorer browser though.  Any other browser will attach your file..
Any inappropriate behavior when using your email account will result in appropriate discipline from disabling your email and network account to possible criminal action.
 If you have any questions, please contact Angie Hammond in the Library Media Office.